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A Truly Integrated Approach to Pest Management!


Along Came A Spider is a Sole Proprietorship!


We all know the benefits of an owner-operated establishment...

quality, commitment, knowledge and integrity are second to none!


Sole proprietorships are inherently a better option for homeowners for very many reasons. Let’s begin with the obvious, a sole proprietor is your only contact in the company, your salesperson, your technician your customer service representative and the owner is the only member of the firm who truly cares about you, the customer. There’s so much value associated with the sole proprietor/customer relationship that it simply doesn’t make any sense to shop any further. Have something to discuss? Go straight to the top for the answer. All appointments, services, discussions, questions, comments, concerns, etc. are with the owner of the company.

You deserve the best the pest control industry has to offer! The sole proprietor/customer relationship simply makes sense and I invite you to experience the difference Along Came A Spider will make in your life.


Along Came A Spider understands, insists and emphasizes the safe application of product and strict adherence to efficacy, all of which translates to your ultimate safety, the safety of your family, your pets, your home, co-workers, office workspace and your business.


Your level of comfort and safety is our sincere priority! To maintain this priority we begin with an accurate inspection of your premises for all general, structural, specialized and rodent pests. Following inspection, we'll effectively communicate all available treatment options including our available environmentally-friendly and minimum-risk resources. Based on our inspection results and proper identification of pest species, together we'll explore our many program and product options to enhance and benefit the most effective and economically feasible path forward to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. And, once we begin service we maintain a level of integrity we truly believe you'll appreciate.


Let's face it, our lives are constantly in motion and the same exists for pests. A static attitude is not part of our repertoire. We'll support our integrity by inspecting your premises each and every visit prior to treatment. The benefit of inspecting the premises prior to treatment is due to the nature of our constantly changing environment. What pest may have existed or what product may have been effective during our previous visit may not necessarily be the same, in fact it's most likely quite different. Therefore, every visit is conscientiously approached with an entirely new attitude to maintain your comfort and security, our sincere promise!


We live and maintain a level of principles that in many ways redefine an industry standard called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which according to the EPA is, an effective, scientifically and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs are congruent with the standards and practices employed by Along Came A Spider using current and comprehensive industry data in an effort to maintain control of a particular pest species, whether it be a vertebrate or an invertebrate pest, their habits, life cycles and their interaction with your environment. This vital information, in combination with predominant pest control methods are used to manage pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. Along Came A Spider is redefining the industry standard of IPM to include our common-sense practice of integrity and professionalism, a truly integrated approach to pest management! Along Came A Spider does it best! 

Along Came A Spider Pest Control offers the very best service in the industry.

Best service, best prices and a truly integrated approach to pest management.

...For the safety of your family, your home and your business!

We know you're going to love us.

Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Inspection with us Today, by calling (520) 289-7449.

Along Came A Spider

About The Owner

David Drake

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Welcome and Thank you for choosing Along Came A Spider Pest Control for all of your southern Arizona pest control needs. I'm David, owner/operator of Along Came A Spider, llc. We're a sole proprietorship, which means I'm also your first line contact, salesperson, receptionist, scheduling agent, question and answers guy and, your field technician. I do everything, every task, I manage every minute detail in the company and, may I add, with the utmost in sincerity and integrity. I take great pride in what I do, I love the pest control industry and you'll see the difference. I sincerely want to solve your pest problem and I know you're going to love us. Since I'm the only employee my time is often stretched rather thin and there's only so many accounts I can cover in a day. I implore you to register as soon as possible, space and time are limited, you won't find better service anywhere and there's no better relationship than the owner of the company and his valued customer and you can be sure that the level of care and attention you receive will be second to none.

Many of you have asked about how I decide to name my company "Along Came A Spider". The obvious answer is the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet, which is absolutely correct but there is a particular reason why. I was contemplating a business name for several months, slowly transitioning my life into becoming independent. As I tossed business names around I would search the internet to find out if the domain (.com) name was available. I began with a serious attitude as I typically do contemplating scientific names rather than something simple, I've never been a simple person which may have produced Drake Pest Control, and many came to light. I have a degree in Mathematics and have studied Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmacy, scientific simply made sense. Thus, I found a name I really loved and the domain was available so I registered it and began developing the company, branding and all. While in the midst of doing so and ever so close to beginning, the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet and the words Along Came A Spider, I remember clearly, literally appeared subconsciously and right to the computer I went to find out if the domain was available. Low and behold it was but it was being offered for sale by the current owner at a fairly substantial price. I tossed the idea in my head for no more than a few minutes and thought, yes, it's fun, not at all scientific, I love it, I have to have it and was mine. As a result, not only am I enjoying a career that I absolutely love but everyday I wake up and smile when I think of the name, "Along Came A Spider". I feel truly blessed!

You may be wondering how I chose a career in pest control. I began my pest control career in 2001 in Florida as a mosquito control technician, of course, it's hot, humid and there are a lot of mosquitoes, primarily on Seminole land, trapping, sorting and identifying various mosquito species that were to be sent to the lab for viral detection, and as a phlebotomist, collecting samples for the same purpose. In addition, on a daily basis, I would broadcast-spray specific high-traffic areas and entire communities for the prevention of spawning and virus transaction.

I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2003, not necessarily for pest control but because the hiking in southern Arizona ranks among the best in the country. Shorty thereafter, following not just one but two wretched bouts with pack rats gnawing on my vehicles electrical and vacuum systems, something Arizonan's are all too familiar with, along with the frustration of and high repair costs of both incidences, pest control was inevitable. And, if that wasn't enough misfortune, I was attending the University of Arizona and literally hours before I was to begin my first final exam I was abruptly awakened due to a numbing pain in my foot. Throwing the bed sheets aside I realized I had been stung by a bark scorpion, which had evidently crawled into my bed and was lying beside my foot in pieces, deceased as I must have kicked it. As a result I made the very wise decision to continue my career in pest control, earlier than planned.

My primary function or job description in pest control included quite a bit more than general nuisance pest control and maintenance programming. I successfully battled rodents of all kinds including pack rats and roof rats, offering necessary exclusion service, excluding house mice and deer mice, rodents of all kinds for that matter, from entering homes and commercial establishments. And, although the better part of my days were spent maintaining homes and businesses from nuisance and structural pests such as ants, crickets, scorpions, spiders, etc., I had regularly, daily, performed specialized pests services to eradicate cockroaches, fleas, flies, carpet beetles, stored-food product pantry pests, bed bugs, hybridized "killer" bees, ticks and termite infestations. My days were busy!

My career as a pest control technician turned a couple more corners as I made the decision to relocate to the Pacific Northwest area of the country following a visit to Idaho. The beauty and serenity of the area captivated me as did the unbelievable veil of spider webs seemingly covering northern Idaho, and following a bit of self-discovery the decision was made to relocate to Idaho and, in the interim, figuring I would add quite a bit more experience to my pest control career resume. After several fantastic years in the the Pacific Northwest with amazing success, including the development of Along Came A Spider, llc, which was born out of sheer necessity, I realized I simply wasn't being rewarded with the same degree of challenge pest control provided in southern Arizona. Not that the Pacific Northwest was any less demanding but the array of, the tenacity and sometimes tragic nature of Southern Arizona pests had more than piqued my professional interests. My professional services were needed back in Southern Arizona!


I have a much greater respect for the pests and their attribution to the Southern Arizona desert and had quickly come to the conclusion that I had utilized my skills far more extensively as a pest control technician in Southern Arizona and, most importantly, helping folks who truly need my professional help as the degree of danger, economic loss and medical importance can be quite high. The decision was made to return to Tucson with Along Came A Spider, llc in tow and it could not have been a better decision. I'm now beginning my twentieth year as a specialist in the pest control industry and it is here, in Tucson, where my roots are strongest and the demand for pest control has never been greater.

Thank you, Tucson!

Welcome to Along Came A Spider, llc

I am thrilled to see you and to sincerely fulfill your pest control needs.

When I'm not hard at work you may find me hiking, backpacking, road cycling or mountain biking. I try to make it to the Grand Canyon a couple times a year, hiking and camping under the stars. My next hiking goal is to complete a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim hike within a 24 hour time frame, wish me luck. I enjoy the Saguaro National Parks, Old Tucson, Sabino Canyon, Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Sonoran Desert Museum, visiting often. On the rare occasion when I can get away I enjoy day trips to Tombstone, Bisbee, Sedona and Phoenix. By choice, as a small business owner, I prefer patronizing small, local businesses. Some of my favorites include Beyond Bread, Lotus Garden, Frost Gelato and, my favorite relaxation portals, the aforementioned parks and museums and, I'm a big hockey fan, following both the Arizona Coyotes and the Tucson Roadrunners, attending games when I can. In the distant past I have been employed as a professional fitness and athletic instructor. I have enjoyed participating in numerous marathons, biathlons and triathlons throughout the country and my favorite event has been the excitement of racing in the world championship Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. At the age of 53, I'm just as active today in health and fitness as I have ever been.


Along Came A Spider, llc

1917 S Sleepy Hollow Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85710



Mobile Phone: (520) 289-7449

Qualified Applicator (QA) Certification #31653

Business License #9867

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Warning: Pesticides can be harmful. Keep children and pets away from pesticide applications until dry, dissipated or aerated.

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